Weekly Accountability

Hi, everyone! It's that time again! Weekly updates delivered every Friday! This is the first full February update. Whoot!

Completed Projects

None yet!

Goal Updates

  • 1/3 discussions of papers in Asexuality and Sexual Normativity
  • 0/8 short essays for March/April
  • 3,469/10,000 words of fiction written
  • 9/12 books read (Admittedly, most of them books I didn't finish because I wasn't interested enough to finish.)

Writing Updates

This Week's Fiction Wordcount: 3,469

This Week's Non-Fiction Wordcount: 2,152

DemiPrincess2: Progress has been made! Huzzah! Now hopefully progress will continue and I won't need to deal with kelpies for a few chapters.

Life And Other Such Important Matters

Surprising... no one, there is little new to remark here. Life continues as it does. I continue to muddle through it as best I can. Turns out I'm still really rubbish at condensing 15+ years of freelance into a coherent CV and cover letter.

Stand-out Positive Moment

I have one! But, sadly, I am not able to tell you much about it until later. Let's just say I'm sitting on some superexciting news that I can't wait to share with you all.

This Week on Patreon

All the Patreon posts from the past week, collected in neat and tidy lists, divided by tier.




How about you? What have you been up to lately? Has anything awesome happened?

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