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Week #6 - Voices
Greetings, patron! And welcome to the last week of our Patreon campaign.

First of all, thank you so much for supporting us on our Small World Tour. As it comes to a close, we are beyond grateful for all the love and support we've received on and offline. Thanks to you, we have far exceeded the ability to pay for our tour expenses as well as the recording of two brand new songs this coming weekend. What a blast it's been!

During this final week, we present to you two of Janie's finest works...

1) An early demo recording of her song "Beast" from when it was freshly written

2) A closely related speech she gave for a class last spring

In these works you will feel some of Janie's heart, see from her perspective, and hear her thoughts. These are some of her greatest gifts to us as a band and we are thrilled to share her wisdom with you.

As always, thanks for listening and for supporting us. It's been a fantastic tour and we have you to thank.


The Orchardist