Week 69: Nice (limited internet special format)
Hi everyone!

So I just moved into my new apartment (!!!), and I'm really happy about it, except for the fact that there's a problem with internet and I will have only a very limited access to it (through my phone) until a technician comes by on Thursday. Hopefully they'll be able to fix it.

In the meantime I can't upload a weekly recap in its usual format and that really sucks because it would be the Week 69, which as everyone knows is one of the sacred internet numbers.

So instead I'm just gonna do a quick recap here with links to the gifs I tweeted over the week!

This week I worked on a new game and also on Flying Pop-Pop!

[New Game]

And that is me going back to Unity again. I won't complain about it here again, I already did that a few weeks ago on the blog.

This time it's a ninja game! The idea for the game is inspired by the bonus round of a game from another millenium, Shinobi! I will not be working on it full-time and that is why what is there is less than bare-bone. That said, the aesthetic I wanted is already pretty much nailed down, so that's cool!

There'll be some more interesting things coming from this game next week!

[Flying Pop-pop]

Flying Pop-Pop is back in development!!

The game I started making right before I work on 'Invaders... From Space!' was one of the things I really wanted to get back to. The shmup genre has a special place in my heart and I intend to make more and get better and better at it!

This game is meant to be minimalist but super satisfying. The focus is on having a game that can lasts only a few minutes before you lose but that will leave you satisfied for a while and then have you asking for more later that day. I'd like to add some replay value for that but I'm not sure how I'll go about this yet.

Here's a new enemy!

[New Flying Pop-Pop Enemy]

The Snek is really just a trail of vertebrae-like parts which you can kill, but killing one in the middle of the snek will cause the other part of snek to become another snek. All sneks grow bigger and generate their trail of parts over time.

Kinda like the Eater of Worlds boss in Terraria, except it grows back too.

That elevates the number of enemy types in the game to four! I have a few more already planned out but I also want to figure out what the progression logic will be! Stay tuned for those things!

And that's pretty much it for this week! I was having a bit of a rough time at the end of the previous week and so I decided to take advice from my Patreon supporters and just take it easy. That was a good idea, I feel much better now. I'm really happy to be back on Flying Pop-Pop too! I also wrote a part of the Doodle Insights about logic data generation and you can reasonably expect that to come out sometime this week or the next!

This week I'm working some more on both the ninja game and Flying Pop-Pop and also the Doodle Insights! A Pico-8 Doodle should also get made!

Have a great week!

Take care!