Week #7: "What If I Told You"
Again, I used the prompt, "found," in the lyrics so that I wouldn't have to actually follow the prompt. I had fun putting a loop behind this one as I was writing it and letting the rhythm drive the lyrics rather than the chords as per usual. Doing this made the lines shorter, aka it made me less verbose and the song more poppy. I like that. I think that when I write the next draft of this I'll use fewer variations on the "what if I told you" line, and just keep the best one, "what if i left you and never told you why?" Because, hey, that's what you did to me. How would that feel? Maybe you should feel that way for a minute. Lyrically, I think this borrows from Alanis Morisette's "You Oughtta Know," which, in my opinion, is a freaking masterpiece. But maybe the sentiment bears repeating. Thanks, Alanis!
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