Week 8 Late Bloomers!
We're on the road today, so we're trying to stay up to date with everything going on in the NFL. There are still a few names that we are looking at as of this morning. I'm not sure of the situation in Houston or play out with owner Bob McNair, with that I don't trust that offense for the players to show up up jumps Seattle's stock, down goes DeAndre Hopkins. Clearly sitting out of practice means his heart might not be in it so that could be a dangerous play.

 Looking at Philadelphia yeah, it's an 85% chance of pouring rain for the duration of the game... I'm staying away from that offense even though I love Carson Wentz I'm not sure I can trust them to put up the amount of points that you hope for the over-under is 45 and a half points I don't see them reaching that as a team total especially in the rain wanting to not take as many chances I still like the Philadelphia offense I just don't love it.

Willie Snead. Up.

JuJu SmithSchuter. Way up.

Matthew Stafford Up with Tate in.

Devin Funchess. Up today.

Down..... Texans. I don't want to play them unless we hear confirmation on a resolution with Owner. If that happens, I'm big on Fuller. 

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