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Week 9, Dove and Mera
Welcome to the Ninth Week of Art on Patreon! 2 Girls with Blue Gels

To make life easier I have edited the patron rewards. I sometimes don't hear back from you guys until way later what print you would like, so I have changed the rewards to either "ALL from Current Release" or "A Surprise" that way you just get prizes without the wait time and it'll save some coordination time over here :D

These paintings are pretty special. Dove, has personal value as I got the inside scoop on Dawn and its really a tragic weird and interesting story. Mera was just plain the best photoshoot I have done so far. I had more strong poses then almost any other Character. The underwater image I picked for the print is just magical. I cant wait to paint tomorrow.

Going to be contacting you with your respective levels of bonus material shortly!

I have high res, extra poses, etc. coming your way (depending on the Patron level of course), some video and some prints mailed out!!

If you would like to see the photos in the web-size public gallery I put them up here: