Week at a Glance 1/16
 Our schedule for the week!

We'll be kicking things off with an unboxing of Fate/Extella's "Noble Phantasm" edition and a day-one review of the game.

Yakuza 0 will continue over the course of this week because the game is nigh impossible to put down and I just want to see more and more and more, within the limits of the embargo.  

School Girl/Zombie Hunter is still on tap courtesy of our partners at Play-Asia, so I may sub that in for a day depending on progress in Yakuza 0 and general timing.  I'd like to get a look at it myself first, since it's a JP release.

For Cinema Zero, we've finally laid Higurashi Kai to rest so we'll be starting a new show, New Game, this weekend.  It's meant to be a reasonably accurate look into Japanese game development, according to interviews with devs I've seen, so I think it'll be worth a look.

As always, things could shuffle a bit based on System Shock work due to major deadlines and critical tasks in the pipe.  We shall see.  =)


- Zero

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