Week-End News - Sept 24th
Greetings Friends...

THANK YOU so much for your support! As always, I am humbled and deeply grateful!!! God bless you sooooo much!

This week started off with me leading worship at a Pastor's Retreat in Iowa. It was an amazing time and I got to see and hang with an old friend from my Bible College days... Tom Clegg. Also... I was told I sound like Willie Nelson and I look like Jonathan Winters... hahaha, ok :-). All in all a great start of the week!

Friday evening I led worship for a Friday night gathering at Spearfish IHOP. It was a quite a time and I really felt as though it was a special night!!!

This morning I shared at Foothills Community Baptist... which, and this is cool... simply 2 mins from my house here in Piedmont. Ohhhh how wonderful that is. Anyway, it was great to be with them again... and I was well received as well. What a blessing that is and many made it clear they wanted me to return again... again, such a blessing to hear.

As I look to the week ahead... one of the things I feel I need to get serious about is recording a "vocal" record. I have been promising to do so for a LONG time. I need to do this!!! :-)

Anyway, I hope you all had a great week as well! Thank you once again for your support and if you're new here, please consider joining our team by becoming a patreon! Your support is needed, and appreciated!

More to come...

~ Ken