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week fiftyseven: painter
 dear patrons, 

it’s a sunny, warm day here in maine and i have a couple pieces of good news. the first is that i finished my album, which is called motorhome. i don’t know how good it is but i am sure it’s the best i could do. it’ll be released by son canciones in september, though i’ll do my best to make it available to you before then.

the second piece of news is that weekly song #57 is finally up. it’s called “painter” and i took the video on a snowy drive through western new york.

i also wanted to let you know about some changes to the weekly songs project. those of you who are signed up to receive physical albums and packages probably noticed that it took me a very long time to get volume 5 out to you. i’m sorry about that. i’m going to do my best to get these volumes out to you faster and i’ve made a few changes toward that end. the biggest of those changes is that, from now on, the weekly songs albums will go out every 15 songs instead of every 10. and in order to make it so the price of the album doesn’t necessarily go up, every patron who wants a physical cd and lyric book will get one regardless of their level of patronage.* 

there are more details, as well as updated rewards, on my patreon page . i encourage you to head over there at some point and update your pledge to whatever makes the most sense for you.**

please let me know if you have questions about any of this. i hope you like the new song.

yr grateful songmaker,


*if you'd like to start receiving the physical albums, please send your address to [email protected]

** for the current $3 and $6 patrons — the next volume will go out after weekly song 65, but since you were expecting it at weekly song 60, whatever level of patronage you’re signed up for at week 60 is what you’ll receive in the mail, even if you change your pledge after that. does that make sense?