Week in Review: 07/03/17
Soup, y'all. 

I'm starting a new weekly post here called "Week in Review" that will be public for everybody to see. In these posts I will do a brief recap of every article I published the previous week with the appropriate links. This way if you miss any of my work you can find it all right here in one place. 


Trump Suggests Declaring War On United Kingdom - In this piece I did some expert reporting on President Trump's allusions toward declaring war on a European nation. The ratings were yuge. 

SPECIAL REPORT: Fidget Spinners - Last week's "Special Report" was an investigation into the mystery of "fidget spinners," commonly referred to as the "pet rock of 2017." 

12 Ways To Trick People Into Thinking You're Cool - This week's listicle was written in part using first-hand accounts from cool people. Don't forget that if you're a Participator-tier Patron or above and you want to contribute to the weekly Circus Killer News listicle then submit your responses in the comments of the most recent "Participator Post." 

Genesis Chapter 15: "Abram's Nightmare" - In the most recent chapter of Legit Bible we see a more sadistic side of Abram. Get spooked. 

Actual Facts - Some of last week's facts included, "Mermaids are allergic to shirts," "Nerds mate for life," and "Every tissue you use analyzes the DNA in your snot, then sends the data to a cloud server at a government cloning facility." 

Actual News - Some of last week's news headlines included, "Superhero Film's Comic Inaccuracies Most Pressing Concern For Area Man," and "Area Man Too Cool For Seatbelt, Just Cool Enough To Have Bones Forcibly Ejected From Body."


That's about it for this week. Check back here next Tuesday for a recap of this current week, or just follow the links up there and check out my stuff yourself you damn dirty ape.