Week in Review: 08/28/17
Hello everyone. 

Welcome to this week's "Week in Review" where you'll find most of my published work from the past week. I finally got back to my usual publishing schedule this past week so this post isn't going to be embarrassingly empty. Hooray. 


Town Protests Sacrilegious Friendship Between Dog, Cat - Protests are breaking all across America. This news article shines a light on one of the grimmest protests last month. 

SPECIAL REPORT: Fast Food - Last week's Circus Killer News "Special Report" explored the world of fast food. You might want to check the scale after reading. 

9 Exciting New TV Shows Coming This Fall - Last week I compiled a list of some of the most promising television shows coming out this autumn. I then deleted that list and instead wrote this crap. 

Genesis Chapter 18: "Three Visitors" - In Legit Bible's longest chapter yet, Abraham is visited by three strangers with a nefarious agenda. He responds by washing their feet. 

Actual Facts - Some of last week's facts include, "The female form of 'popsicle' is 'momsicle,'" "Rubbing tree bark on your skin will make people think you're a weirdo," and "Drinking salt water burns more calories than making out with salt water." 

Actual News - Some of last week's news headlines include, "Woman In Stock Photo Thrilled To Be Using Blender," "Boyfriend Succeeds In Pretending To Get Reference," and "Guest Unaware Friend's Toilet Water Supposed To Be Blue." 


That's all you're getting for this week! Check back next Tuesday for another neat little recap.