Week in Review: 09/11/17
Hello everyone. 

Welcome to this week's "Week in Review," where you can find links to all my link-worthy material in the past week. A lot of my stuff from last week had to do with climate change for no reason that I can discern... but I guess theme's are good, eh? 


String Of Disappearances Possibly Related To New Dating App - This local news story is about a series supernatural disappearances that give us all one more reason to avoid Tinder. 

SPECIAL REPORT: Alternative Energy - Last week's Circus Killer News "Special Report" highlighted everything that's wrong with fossil fuels as well as everything that's wrong with current forms of alternative energy, proving once again that pessimism is my speciality. 

8 Facts That Prove Climate Change Is A Hoax - The listicle on CKN last week helped to separate the facts and myths behind climate change. I vehemently shook my fists at the sky until the sky revealed to me all the global warming answers. 

Actual Facts - Some of last week's facts include, "Toilet paper has been found to be significantly more efficient than paper toilets," "Nearly 70% of aunts in America have gotten blackout drunk on a singles cruise," and "Every full moon, Viola Davis turns into a viola." 

Actual News - Some of last week's news headlines include, "Woman Giving Museum Tour Sounds Like She Just Making This Shit Up," "Smell From Previously Worn T-Shirt Ignored," and "New CIA Sanctioned Torture Technique Forces Suspected Enemies Of State To Sit Through Jury Selection Process."


That's all for now. This upcoming week should also have a post on my satirical bible blog - Legit Bible - so look out for that too.