Week In Review
$2 Tier: Early comic pages: Page 23 (Jahrd and Jamet's stories)

$3 Tier:  Progress shots: Page 22 (Jahrd and Jamet's stories)

$5 Tier: Sketchbook Pages (Derec's Coat: Colors and the Map Maker)

$10 Tier: Calterra's Story: Part Three

All Patrons: Chapter Three Wallpaper + Bonus Animation 


Current Side Story Library

$2 Tier: Hiatus Tales

We Didn't See, We Weren't There/ ($3 tier: illustration)

Starlight / ($3 tier:illustration)

* Portents Part One / ($3 tier: illustration)

* Portents Part Two / ($3 tier: illustration)

* Haunted / ($3 tier: illustration

$5 Tier: Side Character Stories (final drafts)

* Annen's Story (coming soon)

$10 Tier: Side Character Stories (rough drafts)

Annen's Story (complete

* Calterra's Story (in progress)

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