Week In Review - 11.28.16
Hi everyone!

We'd like to apologize for posting this Week In Review later than usual; this entry was meant to be released Friday last week, but we ran into some problems writing it on time. We hope this will make up for that mistake!

We were very busy last week, so let's get right into it!

Environment & Atmosphere

Written by Brandon Pearce

This week we've been switching gears a bit and focusing on improving the general atmosphere and aesthetic of the Aether world. We have many different ideas of how to do this, but here are some that we've been working on at the moment:

  • Glitterwings! There will now be a variety of flying and crawling insects like the Glitterwings in the Aether.
  • These critters don't have any function - they're purely for show.
  • Rocks and pebbles. You can now find a variety of these blocks on the floor. For the most part these are just to improve atmosphere, but they also give you a Holystone block if you mine it with your fist.
  • Skyroot Twigs! These litter the island floors, especially under trees. Like the rocks and pebbles, mining these will give you a Skyroot Stick.
  • We've now split "Aether Grass" into 3 different types: Short, Normal and Long. This means you'll find a variety of different grass lengths in game. Jungles and Forests have much longer grass.

Glitterwings roaming

Holystone Rocks and Skyroot Twigs

Moa Feathers

Written by Brandon Pearce

Along with the above improvements to atmosphere, I've been working on a small "quality of life" adjustment to the feathers that Moas drop. They now drop their own Moa Feather item that represents the color of their coat. It's a small change, but it's nice to see in-game!

While it's not confirmed, I've also been toying with the idea of crafting these colored Moa Feathers into Dyes. That could be a fun idea to play around with.


Written by Hugo Payn

While Brandon has been working on the environment, I've been implementing more decorative blocks to the mod. One change we've made is that Kirrids now drop Cloudwool. This can be used to craft Skyroot Beds, but it can also be used to craft into Cloudwool Blocks and Cloudwool Carpets as a result.

We're excited to be adding more interesting visual blocks like these.

Agiosite & Skyroot Variants

Written by Hugo Payn

Along with the new Cloudwool material, I've developed a new material called Agiosite. This is a material that you can obtain by smelting Holystone in your furnace. It's got a deep purple hue to it and should go well with some of the other visual blocks we've designed for the mod. With this new material comes many more Masonry variants for it as well, as shown below:

Along with the Agiosite variants, I've developed a whole set of variants for Skyroot Planks! These, again, are obtained by using the Masonry Bench:

Porting to 1.11

Written by Jellysquid

As development continues on the content of the project, I've been focusing on future updates of Minecraft. So far, the 1.11 port hasn't been going so well; there are a lot of changes to the way Minecraft handles ItemStacks in the code, and as a result a lot of our code has broken functionality. Despite this, I'm working as hard as I can to get the project to 1.11 while the rest of the team is hard at work on features.


And that's it for now! The next Week In Review will still be on Friday as usual, but we still wanted to post this (even if it was late) to let everyone know what we've been up to since last week. Thanks for tuning in, and see you on Friday for more insight!