The week in review...
Right-o... it's a lazy Sunday, I have the house to myself, and have been actively too tired today to get into mania making mode. Seeing as Jason is gone though, and that I just had a nap AND just ordered chocolate cake from amazon... it's likely to be a late night of making. 

So... this week! Look at this shot of my studio. It's rather exploded. I'd really like to be one of those organized people, but let's be honest; that's never going to happen.

Last Sunday I was working on the second draft of the Wolfibou plush... I'm going to try a few minor pattern edits next time but overall I'm pretty happy with him:

The first draft version has stuffed antlers, which were...okay... but seemed not epic or magical enough, so I decided to try out casting some resin ones to give him more magical "zing." 

Figuring these guys out has been a whole other rabbit hole. I'm trying out some Composimold reuseable mold-making rubber, and it's pretty cool stuff. The heat and stickiness though definitely poses a challenge and I can't really glue down the original like I could with silicone because the heated rubber just takes out the glue. So I have a lot of messy molds, but hey, it's re-meltable!

I think he looks pretty slick with his sparkle antlers though.

I definitely was not able to get a clean, bubble-free mold. Not sure if that's due to the material -- I've not cast in silicone yet and am currently avoiding it due to how damn expensive it is. These antlers are meant to be organic-ish anyway though, so in this case the texture created by small bubbles isn't really a problem for me.

Here's my janky molds curing away... 

I also tried out some fabric markers on him and Ziggy Wolfibou was born:

Overall, I'm not too jazzed with the markers. They don't give great coverage and still change the texture a bit. I tried fabric paint on the first draft and that was just a nightmare. I THINK maybe airbrushing would work-- I've seen in done really well. I am so lousy with an airbrush though I am loathe to try it... maybe sometime down the road. Anyway, I'm going to try applique on the next one and see how that works for me. It is too bad about the markers and paint though-- I'd love to be able to work my surface design interests into this, but I'm not willing to sacrifice how damn SOFT he is!

Last Monday/Tuesday I started painting the outside of the Star House. FINALLY. Not to say the inside is DONE... but it was good to be working on the outside. I painted the bulk of it "black"... which is actually a sort of off-black I got for cheap in the mis-tints section. Fuck yeah for mis-tints. 



I'm liking it so far. It's good to see it just looking like something is happening.  Originally I was thinking I might paint it more galaxy-esque outside but now I think just color and sparkle is good-- the inside is so sky-scene already-- needs some contrast. 

Wednesday I taught all day. That's my Design +Image day, and they had been charged with making a logo for themselves, as well as a manifesto. Most of them wrote more of an artist statement than a manifesto, but hey, their artist statements are pretty damn sophisticated, so I'm okay with it. I think when I was a junior in art school mine were mostly snarky stubborn bullshit, like "the artist doesn't believe in using words to describe her work" or some nonsense. 

I was a little shit. 

This was the manifesto winner of the day. This should be engraved on the damn wall. 

Thursday and Friday was more teaching. It was the first week back from spring break and it seemed to be particularly exhausting. I came home Friday night SO RELIEVED to be alone and not have to talk to, interact with, or be professional to anyone. 

There may have been a solo dance party while singing "Let's get un-professional" to the tune of "Let's Get Physical"...

Friday night and Saturday I went down a rabbit hole of casting and sculpting. I really haven't done much of it before, so, as I do with all new things, I went into a mild mania about it. MUST SCULPT AND CAST THINGS. Which, as per usual, results in some grandiose failures... I mean, LEARNING. 

Some Composimold chilling in the freezer. I am hella impatient.

Attempting to cast everything I can get my hands on just to see how it goes. Because it's REUSABLE!

A plethora of messy-ass molds:

I decided I needed to try and sculpt a unicorn, which I don't know how to do. Look at this poor bastard.


Here's another victim. You can see his mutilated brethren in the background.

This one has potential... I mushed up the other ones and am using that clay to build this one... from the flesh of his brothers he will rise...

God that's kind of twisted.

Spoiled rotten dog oversees production from her couch perch:

I also decided I wanted to try casting a crystal but all the ones I had lying around seemed too big or small or short. So...

Extra resin from casting experiments is going into pendants:

Here's an experiment... this will either be super cool or a hot mess. considering that it already burst its bonds and leaked resin all over the table, the odds are not good.

...And that took me up to Saturday night. I'm off to go work on my tiny unicorn some more. 

Good night, and good luck.