A week of maaaadness (a lil' update / happy Munday)
HEY ALL. You good? Just finished up a week of total blissful madness, so thought I'd tell you about that. I mentioned before on here that I work part-time at a cafe in London that serves cereal.. (lol) (oh life) well, the bosses there are nice folk & with my helpppp they've began introducing live music to their lovely big cafe in Camden, North London. :) a pal of mine called Dodie Clark played a slot at one of the shows we put on & absolutely smasheddddd it, so before long everyone thought it'd be a cool idea for Dodie to consider putting on some shows in the cafe. It would be her first time headlining a show & the cafe seemed like the perfect place to start - the fun, light atmosphere of the place a little moreso more than a standard sweaty, black box venue.. (lol I do not like places like that) (clearly). ..well lo & behold, Dodie said yes! WOOP. And so we put the first show on sale.. sold out in minutes. As did the second & third. Folk were ringing the cafe 'round the clock upset that they couldn't get tickets, saying they'd waited years for a headline show.. AMAZING! So we tried something scary, we put an outdoor show for sale, right in the market outside the cafe - we could hold 300 people and keep everyone who couldn't get tickets to the first 3 shows happy! Of course she sold that out almost instantly, too, and once that was done we could start planning the fun stuff! Costume themes for each night, who was gonna present the night, who was gonna support (Dodie actually asked me to support at the shows, which was coooool! BONUS fun for the week). I scared outttAaaaaa my head of all the things that could go wrong throughout the week but oddly, nothing did (not even a drop of rain at the outdoor Saturday show!). All in all it was a mad tiring but super super rewarding week; it was just such a pleasure to focus on someone else's project & throw myself into something I'd never really explored before - the whole world of putting together gigs, promoting them & everything that comes with it. :)) I'm so excited for Dodie, she's the most talented lil' creature with bundles of charm on stage & off. I'm wellllll excited for her future! ..on a separate note, the next demo is nearly with you! Last week's gigs & a nasty lil' laryngitis experience the week before set me back a bit, but the song's written & I'm on the homestretch with recording it. BARE WITH! I'm excited for this song actually, I really am, so hopefully it'll be worth the wait! LOVE XXX