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Hello everyone! This is late, I know, but I got distracted, initially by digging through the Wii Shop Channel before I wouldn't be able to add any more credit to it, and subsequently through playing some late-night online Mario Kart, which I'm regretting slightly this morning!

Anyway, here's what you might have missed on MoeGamer last week:

An Open Letter to the Video Standards Council
My thoughts on the censorship of Omega Labyrinth Z in the UK. I also sent this directly to the VSC; the response was predictable, but I felt it at least worth speaking up on this matter. And the game will at least be importable when it comes out -- Play-Asia has already said it will stock it, for one, and I'm sure there will be other sources too.

Puzzler Essentials: Soldam
If you'll recall, I love Rod-Land, so I was delighted to discover that its characters were revitalised in Soldam, a recent puzzle game for Switch with a retail release that is actually a remake of an old arcade title by Jaleco. It's a pleasingly "different" experience from most other puzzlers, too. Check it out!

Waifu Wednesday: Mòrag and Brighid
This pair are some of the most interesting characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, as well as many people's OTP. So it stands to reason we should give them some love!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Narrative, Themes and Characterisation
As part of the Xeno series, you'd expect Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to have an interesting, enjoyable and thoughtful plot, and it doesn't disappoint.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Bringing the "Niche" to the "Mainstream"
As a high-profile release in what is typically regarded as a fairly niche-interest genre these days, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 had an interesting challenge in front of it from a localisation perspective, and the teams responsible for bringing the game West struck a good balance between being true to the original script and making it more accessible for those perhaps less familiar with Japanese popular media.

Since I'm so late with this, I'll also throw in this morning's article on Lilies Project and Denpasoft's rather charming visual novel Seven Days with the Ghost, a delightful yuri tale tinged with the supernatural. Take a look!

Presently pondering which game to cover next month. Gal*Gun 2 and Shantae months are imminent, but both of those release too late to be next month's main topic. (In the latter case, I'm waiting for the retail release of 1/2 Genie Hero's Ultimate Edition before I tackle the whole series in one go.) I don't want to do anything too massive and sprawling, but at the same time this might be a good opportunity to delve a bit further back into the backlog than normal and perhaps pull out a PS3 title I've been meaning to investigate for a while... Hmm. Perhaps I shall throw some of the options open to the Patrons later this week!

If you're not yet a Patron, please consider supporting the site. MoeGamer is done entirely on my own time and out of my own pocket, and the site has grown to such a degree that I'm going to need to start spending a bit more money on it soon with regard to things like hosting/image storage and suchlike.

I have a few days off from the day job soon so I'm pondering the prospect of using the time to shake rewards up a bit to incentivise people pledging. In particular, I'm still interested in resurrecting the "GameCast" that I did a while back, though as a Patron-only perk this time around. I'm sure I can make time to make that work... perhaps that brief vacation is a good time for some experimentation or to get some stuff set up!

Anyway, regardless of all that, thanks for your support, whether it's through social likes, comments and shares or dipping into your pocket and flipping a bit of money my way each month. It's all very much appreciated and I love you!

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