Week R-29: Are we (halfway) there yet?
Last week mid-week turned into such a disaster that I've fallen pretty far behind on NaNo (ok, only two days, but honestly, just getting to par was pretty hard first week after months of having a hard time getting 500 words/day). To the point where yesterday, even though I saw the "make a public Patreon entry" on my to do list several times (hooray ToDoist), I still managed to put it off until it was bedtime and thus too late. And very nearly repeated that today, whoops.


  • keep plugging away with NaNo until caught up with par
  • release another Gensou bit to Ao3
  • process the last of the jalapenos
  • dig out stubborn carrots?
  • bathe the cats????

Ok, that last one is a bit of a long shot. They definitely need it, but I haven't had a lot of luck trying to catch up with par the last four days, so I'm not going to be too mad at myself if I don't get to cat baths. Even though they both need it. Bathing a cat is a lot of spoons! Even worse when you have to do two of them!

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