I feel rather dumb right now... I was uploading pages to Photobucket to link here... I didn't see the "Browse" words for uploading... only the "Add an Attachment" so I was very confused... but I think I figured things out now. The only question is how much of the 1000 some odd yuri pieces should I post here... Probably not all of them, that is for sure. *nervous laughter*

I opened the "Clockwork Clown and the Wind Up Princess Part 4" pages for everyone to view now that I've finished the part, basically you Patrons will get to see them as I create them and prepare them for posting on tumblr and DA. The WIP, Future plans,  Wallpaper and future tutorials as well as the Hi-res versions will stay locked for Patrons only.

That is enough from me for now... If you have suggestions please feel free to comment. I hope this will work out for all of us. For now I need to take the weekend off... more like my wife will enforce me taking the time off. For my own health more than anything else... don't want another crash...

Oh, those of you sending me messages concerning my health and how much work I'm doing right now. Thanks for the concerns, but I'm doing alright. I will stop if I'm starting to show signs of the illness returning, shaky hands or blurred vision or something. I wanted to get those pages done this week but will be taking it easy next week. My wife will make sure I don't over work. So no need to worry so much. Thanks again for your supportive words. I appreciate it.

Well, I'm off, Hope you enjoy what I've posted so far.

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