Weekend Roundup - 19-25 Mar, 2018
Here's what I worked on this week:

I got the mammoth shawl blocked and took pictures. Now I have to write out all the details, so hubby can write up a listing for me.

This, by the way, is an awesome freebie from Amanda Clark of Shuttermonkey Designs, which you can find here.  

I listed the first pattern in my granny collection, Just Like Grandma Used to Make. You can find it here for free, or you can support my work by purchasing the fancy, schmancy version here. And if you'd like me to make one for you in a different color, size, etc., you can do that here

I finished up this baby blanket for a sweet friend who's due with her first.

I modified this one (I'll post more on that later), but you can find the original, another great freebie by Johanna Lindahl of Mijo Crochet, here.

I listed shawl #2 in my granny collection: Grandma Throws a Curve.  You can find the pattern here. The sample shawl isn't listed yet, but you can always request a custom piece!

I made tons of progress on my newest pattern idea: a new take on the granny rectangle. I don't have pics yet, but hope to have some this week.

And I had fun trying out some new yarn for my scale sling pattern. Again, no pics yet, but I should have some this week, probably about the time I get around to writing that yarn review I have planned...

So that was my week. If you'd like to know more, become a patron and check out my nightly Bedtime Review!

P.S. I almost forgot! I got added to the directory at Crochetpatternsgalore.com! You can see Just Like Grandma Used to Make on the front page (for now) here and the directory listing here. They don't seem to have the ability to list a pattern as any yarn, any gauge, etc., but it is.