Weekend Update
 Hey, so I haven't done these in a while. I'm gonna try to replace randomly posting shit with posting one update every weekend. 

There's been a lot of news since I last posted.  I've been busy at work with EOM, which is almost done. I took a break from it for a few weeks, but recently I got back into it and its about 90% done at the moment. Sam (the guy who made an excellent Marienburg mod) has been helping me out doing some of the database work, and the script is only a couple more commits away from being finished.   

Loreful Empires also got some love the other day. Some people have been requesting that I give them Loreful Empires for use in their mods, which isn't something I'm in the habit of doing, so I instead created an API from which other modders can freely edit the major and minor faction lists when both mods are active.   

I've also been working with SFO to provide some of the scripted elements for their mod. This doesn't mean that all my mods are going to become part of SFO, but it does mean that for those of you who use SFO, there's going to be bunch of new, script based features popping up in that mod. 

As for my other projects, I've been working on some bug fixes for Legendary Lord Respecs, which are in a beta now. Those should fix some of the more persistent problems with the mod. Hopefully it will soon be at the stage where I never have to touch the damn thing. We still do have a surprise for you... one day. We have a project that is largely finished on my and Vandy's end, but finding people who can make quality units is usually a struggle. Thankfully, we've found a willing sacrifice and should be able to release eventually!

In less mod related news, I've accepted a moderator position on the C&C Modding Den discord, where I frequent. Not only that, but our contact with CA has been relatively fruitful and resulted in the promise of a new mod-community liaison to give modders greater access to CA. This is something I'm optimistic about, and I hope it will benefit the entire modding community.  

Finally, me and Vandy are trying to improve on our organisation, processes, and not forgetting shit. To that end, we've started extensively using Github to manage our projects, which (lucky for you) means you have an easy way to monitor us and ensure that we work our asses off! https://github.com/WH2-WEC  If you have a github account, feel free to request access to the organisation. You'll be placed into the Patron team, which will let you make feature requests directly in the place where we are most likely to actually get around to doing them.   Anyway, I guess I'll leave you with a nice picture of the finished UI for Empire of Man!

 and something that's a month or two off yet. Bonus points for the patron who correctly identifies it :P

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