Weekend Update #11
Happy Holidays!

After the release of the 0.02 update, the responses to it just, as the expression goes, warms the cockles of my heart. Shoutouts especially to @PhillyGames for the support and @Perverteer for the incredible shoutout in his Patreon page. They're both game devs with large following that surprised me out of the blue with their support for this game which I didn't honestly expect. Also, shoutouts to @GhostPhil and the dudes who made and are rocking the fan signatures. The love and support for the game is not lost on me. I appreciate it! Anyways, on to this weekend update!

First and foremost, the Discord! Most of the Patrons who linked their Discord with Patreon must have seen it by now and for those who didn't or are curious to see it, here's the invite: [ https://discord.gg/uevtdq5 ]. It's still pretty barebones for now but it'll develop in time. Still tweaking some of the stuff though. You'll occasionally find me there. (Also, sorry for the inconvenience for those who can't access the Discord via old invites, I've accidentally deleted some of it while I was removing the redundant ones.)

Second, the bugs and complaints. I'll be fixing those (particularly the gallery disappearing) in the future. As for the complaints regarding the over-vpunching/shaking of the screen, I'll also be removing the unecessary parts of it in the next update. I think I was primarily influenced by Phoenix Wright when I put all those in.

Finally, regarding the 0.03 progress! But before that I first need to address the long delay between the announcement and the actual release. A couple of days of it was actually on finding the bug which kept crashing the inventory, it all boiled down to a goddamn syntax error that renpy's error screen just vaguely worded it. It was along the lines of: add.item(watering_can) and the offending syntax, add.item('watering_can'). It's the damn quotes. The rest of the week however was the addition of the sound effects. The menu, the dishes, the doors. It just made the world alive, I guess? So regarding 0.03, for this week and probably the next, my focus would be developing the locations that'll be used in the 0.3 update for Prii. Sadly, its holiday season and I might be dragged here and there by my family and probably cannot do much work as I want to this month. I've put 10% already on the progress banner for the "finalized" script but I'll probably rewrite it again... and again. I've already rendered some of the early parts for Priscilla's story since August but I'll redo it once more because my technique now is vastly different from a few months ago.

I just want to say once again that the support and the continued support for this game by you, Patrons, really motivates me to strive and work harder on the game. Thank you!



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