The Weekend Countdown With Frankie Mae
At long last Blitzers, Radio Rock is going to be on the air 7 days a week beginning,  July 4th, 2015. As we celebrate our 2nd birthday,  we are excited and truly honored to announce the addition of not only a brand new show, but also new radio talent as well. Radio Rock welcomes London actress, Frankie Mae to The Blitz. She's already a veteran behind the microphone, co-hosting the "Friday Lunch" on Sky Channel's "Liberty Radio. Starting Saturday, Independence Day, We will be launching, "The Weekend Countdown with Frankie Mae."  Frankie has been working as an actor for 6 years. Since moving to London in 2012, she has worked on several British TV and film productions including Man Down, Siblings and BBC film Pride. Frankie is also an up and coming TV presenter as well as hosting the brand new radio show the 'weekend countdown' for Radio Rock. Frankie will be presenting the top 5 songs from the previous week, chosen in popularity by our listeners. So, if you miss any of the number one songs of the day, during the week, you will be able to catch up on Saturdays. However, there is a twist. This is not just a recap, presenting the songs as they appeared on the show Monday thru Friday. No, the songs are ranked in order of their voting popularity. So, it's important for you the listener to keep telling us, which song you like best, and help our indie musicians grow their fan base along with their popularity on Radio Rock.  The Weekend Countdown will air Saturdays at 10am on the West Coast of the United States. 1pm Eastern Time and 6pm in the UK.  For more information on your host, Frankie Mae, you can visit her website  

Facebook: frankiemae1

Twitter: @Frankie_Mae

Instagram: frankiemae1

So, give Frankie a follow, make her feel welcome here on Radio Rock, and

be sure to tune in on July 4th and become part of our Blitztory!

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