Weekly #13 - Basemesh
I've been lucky to receive a sort-of big order from one of my viewers to make multiple characters for a project in February. Can't say too much actually but there are a few things I can share.

It will be a challenge to make the characters within the short time given, so until then I've decided to take the time to prepare a simplified base model that will be useful to start out with many characters in the future.

My approach is to keep all major shapes as separate sub-tools so that adjusting of proportions becomes very easy. On the other hand I am using this chance to study general body proportions as well as I can.

The hands for example are just a "sketch" at this point. I will try to make them more general as in separating it into basic shapes. The head is also more for fun. Still in the process of deciding what to go with. But I think you get the idea.

I'll be sharing the file with my Patreons when done! Thank you as always for your support :)