Weekly Art Overview
SO. This is a new thing I want to start doing every Friday. Posting an image board of all the art I have done in the past week, whether it's completed commissions, character designs, personal art or WIPs. 

This is... honestly scary and embarrassing for a lot of reasons! But that's part of the reason I'd like to do it. 

I have a lot of anxiety over sharing my sketches and WIPs  since they are not the finished product, they are rough and do not reflect the extent of my ability. I always worry that if I share my sketches (which are honestly very VERY rough) people will think less of my ability, and view me as far less skilled than they previous thought.

Sometimes I really feel like my finished work is somehow a trick, that I'm fooling people into thinking I'm better at creating artwork than I actually am. Reasonably, rationally, I know this isn't true. But when I look at my sketch work and WIPs, it's hard not to feel that way. 

Other artists can make clean sketches with decisive choices in the structure -- me, on the other hand, I have to really feel it out as I go, before I find the structure and the design elements. 

Regardless, I am still learning! I am still trying to improve! And I need to not be so afraid and ashamed of that process, including my drafting process.

Part two of the decision to share, is to hold myself accountable for both my successes and my incomplete work. 

If I can look at a concrete reminder of what I have finished vs. what I have not, it helps. It gives me perspective that yes, I HAVE completed art, art that  I am happy with and art that other people enjoy as well. It also lets me see what I still have to work on, and evaluate why I haven't finished it, or otherwise remind me to finish it if I feel it's worth doing so. 

This week I have done more unfinished sketches than completed work. However, I did complete three commissions, a design, and still managed to find the time to sketch a little bit. This is progress from the past couple of weeks I've had which have been rough in the motivation department. 

In thinking about how I'd like to improve on next week, setting a goal of finishing one more completed piece feels like it should be realistic and manageable. So this week it was four pieces! Next week it will be five minimum.

In adding to the improvement goal, I would really like to complete at least ONE personal finished piece next week. 

And as always, my goals include managing to do at least ONE directed study, and be able to see the improvement in my art the following week. 

If you read through this, thank you for taking the time! I promise in the future, these won't be as long and rambling -- I wanted to start off with some explanation as to why I am doing this for the first post. ...and I'll try to make some more appealing image board collages in the future as well.