Weekly? Bi-Weekly? Monthly?
I've been wondering about something of late, as you can see from my very posed, quizzical expression.

I wanted to ask a few questions, and if you could answer for them for me, that would be great.

1. How many of you are actually able to keep pace with the weekly schedule?

2. Would a bi-weekly, or monthly release schedule work better? If so, which one?

3.  Do you prefer longer, complete painting guides, etc. or shorter, bite-sized videos?

4. Have you watched the Painting Guide for Fyanna? If so, did you prefer the format to the older videos?

5. Are you here for videos or model give-aways? Or both? Should more give-aways and less videos be the focus going forward?

I'm striving to make improvements to the production quality, and the way the information is presented, and doing so on a weekly schedule is pretty hectic.

I just wanted to get some feedback from you folks as to what is working, and what isn't with my videos and channel. In case anyone hasn't noticed, the funding has maintained itself for the past few months, and has grown very little.

I'm just spit-balling ideas here as to what I can do to get the increase in funding that I need in order to start upgrading my hardware, which is essential to me further improving the video quality and production.

So more feedback on what is working and what isn't would be great! Be completely honest here, I promise not to get my feelings hurt. This is for honest feedback on what I can do to improve the videos and give-aways and so we can all benefit from increased funding.

Thanks for your Patronage every month folks!