Hello Everyone! Last week didn't have much in terms of streaming. The few broadcasts I did have were spent preparing for a LARP event I attended during the weekend. I crafted myself a thick belt (That turned out to need another hole in it in order to fit proper, so I spent half the weekend adjusting that). I also fixed up some old bracers that needed new straps, and while I didn't finish all the straps I got them functional. Overall the costume is decent but there's still more work to be done. For example due to one of my shoes being a bit too large, the wear pattern caused the stitching to be destroyed, so I'll have to re-sew that. Shellack also does absolutely nothing to keep the soles from soaking in water, and the water-stop I used to waterproof the shoes didn't work that well either - Well enough that my socks weren't wet, but thee shoes were damp on the inside. The event itself was alright but due to we only being 3 people able to attend in our group (And the third guy bailing the 2nd day because "tired") we spent most of the time on the side lines, just searching for loot and avoiding the biggest group in the game, who early on allied with 2 other groups. Luckily, a group who used to be fairly small had brought enough players this time around so when the Aveland regiment, the "Hero" Frechenfelt and "Myrmidias klinger" decided to abduct an alchemist and ask the group he belonged to for a ransom, they were able to beat them up - Even though the 3 allied groups had already struck a deal with the alchemist and released him. There's nothing like beating up people you don't like just for the sake of giving them a beating. I went along to rob the "Hero" Freakingfail of the great sum of money I believed him to possess. Which turned out to be half a Florin. The stream should be back to normal from now on, and my piano lessons have been changed a bit on Wednesdays so I get get in a proper stream there as well. I'll continue to get work in on time lapse videos and tutorial planning on the side and hopefully it won't take too long before I'll at least get some of those time lapse videos up. I sent out messages to everyone about wristbands last week - Those who haven't responded yet, please do, so I can have them made and all sorted. Cheers!