Weekly Blog #8
Hello Everyone! EDIT: I'VE NOT RECEIVED A SINGLE ENTRY FOR PATREON PICKED PROJECTS! YOU GUYS ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE THINGS YOU'D LIKE TO SEE ME MAKE. TELL THEM TO ME! This past week I've finished up 2 delicious belts - One an order and then one for my self. Turns out the expensive leather I bought is great. Wristbands went out and I know 2 of you have received them already. I finished up a quick run-of-the-mill wallet and I'm now working on one that's somewhat more challenging with hand painted WoW Druid art on it I'm quite curious about how well it'll turn out, but it looks pretty good after I started painting today. I might get to paint some more later since I've started doing some late night stream when GiantWaffle is streaming in Creative. The reasons for it is that GiantWaffle brings in traffic and growth and I want to make a point out of representing variety in Creative. There's going to be some changes to the milestone goals. First off, I added Fancy Friday which means that if reached I'll be wearing a suit every Friday - With all the fanciness and impracticality that includes. I'm considering adding "Viking Wednesday" and "Musketeer Monday" to the milestone goals as well since I already have the viking costume and I really want to play a musketeer type character in the future. Unfortunately the viking armour is too cumbersome to work in so it would likely have to be without the armour most of the time. I'm going to be removing 2 of the goals we've already reached - Time lapses and tutorials - That doesn't mean that I won't be doing those goals, but I'm removing them because it's evident that I'm not going to be able to reliably make that content in a timely manner. I believe it's better that I remove those goals, as to not mislead people, and work on it when possible without any pressure. This is also where I remind you that if you feel I've not lived up to my promises (Let's be honest, I haven't), you can get a refund for the amount you've pledged. I'm not certain exactly how that works, but emailing Patreon should provide you with the info needed to get that sorted. I'll also be removing the Daily Time Lapses goal that we haven't reached yet for the same reasons mentioned above. I still want to make this content, but I don't want to be forced into working on it way before I'm ready to do it. When I made the Patreon I expected to maybe have reached the first Time Lapse goal sometime this month, so me having to get rid of them because I simply don't have the time (Not without taking days off from streaming) is a luxury problem. I'm considering doing tweets like "RT to win *and item I make*" at the start of my streams in order to market my stream a bit more - Items would be wristbands and other things I make in an hour or less. So if you see that one day don't freak out - Just RT and hope you win. There won't be a stream tomorrow Monday due to a performance in the evening but as a tradeoff I'll be streaming Thursday if everything goes well. I moved my workstation this week and you'll notice a different background and a bunch of people pointing out that the background is different this week. I'm considering setting up a green screen. But at the very least I'll be hanging something on the wall so it's not as cold and boring. Thank you all for the continued support - See you around on stream.