Weekly Blog #9 (The late one)
Hello Everyone! This one is a bit late - Mostly because I've been busy (socialblade.com/twitch/user/thatdanishguy) streaming in the Witcher 3 trying to capitalize on that release. I didn't think it would work so well, but as the link shows, 2k+ followers in 3 days is pretty damn good. I'll probably talk more about that in the next post once I've seen how it develops. I finished the druid wallet and I'll get photos of that up on Facebook soon. I then worked a couple of days on making lamellar plates for adding shoulder plates to my armour, but when I remembered I had an old mail coif I never used, I decided to make Geralt's shoulder armour from the Witcher. It's a solid piece of armour and it's generic enough to be used for LARP - So I might keep it, though I'm considering putting it up for sale (I could always make another for myself). I'll figure that out when I'm done with it. I've been doing extra night streams and streaming earlier and longer than normal which is why this blog post is delayed, and will be very short (I'm about to go live). I've only gotten a few project ideas for the Patron Picked Projects vote so please give me your ideas - If I can't get 10 ideas I'll add some myself or ask subscribers for projects. We've got a CD:GO replica knife (Yes, in leather), Gamepad (Functional - Yes in leather), and a gameboy pocket case - As you can see the ideas can be wacky or outright ridiculous and I'll still add them - It's up to me to figure how I make it if I end up having to. That's all for this week - WORK! WORK! Cheers!