Weekly Blog No. 2

Welcome back to my second blog :)

 To have a little variety from UI and pixelart I decided to join the current rework of some NPC models and revise our oldest monster: 

The Grolgar

The face of pure joy.

Grolgar appear to be wolves at first glance. But they have some slight differences like long and bushy hair or lengthy, outwards pointing  fangs.

They are connected to orcs as they consider them the ultimate mount and battle-companion for every warrior of their kind.

As you can see the new model appears more brutish and has it's size adapated to the increased character size we recently introduced. The new Grolgar are about as tall as a human female now.

Hopefully you can enjoy all our updated animal models in Veloren soon!

Continued: UI-Rework

First thing you might notice is the Social-Window to the left.

The plan is to have everything related to other players/interaction with NPCs, crafting stations etc. in the "left-hand menus".

Windows that need your full attention (like the map, the settings, the still-not-created loot window...) will be displayed in the middle.

Everything related to your character will be shown in the right-hand menus

Talking about menus on the right.

As you can see I also started working on a spellbook concept.

 It will contain available spells and skilltrees so there's probably going to be a system of "bookmarks" letting you choose what you want to look at.

Another idea was to make the spellbook a mid-screen menu and double it's width. This would give us the opportunity to make it visually resemble an open book but also do something like this:

This would allow the player to see the skilltree they are currently investing points into and at the same time all the skills they got from that tree.


In last week's blog I showed off an hourglass. 

After discussing this with other team members we decided that this might be way too complicated for a simple loading icon.

So I had to come up with something more simple.

And what would fit better than animating an icon we already use?!

These gears are currently used as one of the bottom right icons of Veloren's hud. They lead you to the settings and show the key to open them.

With a simple 5 frames animation it already looks decent:

(Fun fact: This is also an optical illusion. Focus on one of them and the other gear appears to turn faster.)

The method to display these moving gears could also be used to animate icons on mouseover. I will try this when we completed the switch to the iced-gui library.

And that's it for this time, hope you enjoyed reading the blog and have a great week! :)

~ Pfau

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post