Weekly Blog No. 3

Hey! :)

First of all: Thanks for all the support I am getting for finally taking the step onto patreon.  This really motivates me to keep on working and bringing you guys content!

This week we start off with a little something I made for the new chat channels introduced by CapsizeGlimmer, one of our programmers.

What do we need those for?

Cap had the idea to instead of displaying something like:

"[Channel Name] [Chat Alias]: <Message>" in a certain colour

We'd do:

"<Channel Symbol> [Chat Alias] (group/faction name): <Message>"

Yes, you can name your group. Punny group names incoming!

The new colours are also shown in the bubbles. As an (optional) feature for colourblind people the chat symbols can be displayed, too.

Talking about groups:

This is a very early concept. It is not showing the final art assets but rather the placing and functions of group UI.

The player having the yellow bar around their frame will be considered the group leader and can invite/kick people and take other administrative actions. This is nothing new of course and a common multiplayer RPG feature.

Noticed the icon above the chat box?

Clicking it will show a little pull-down menu giving you options like leaving the group or requesting to invite a certain player. Maybe even something like rolling a dice? We'll see.

You may ask yourself now: Did he continue working on the UI revamp?

Yes he did.

This was the first concept. But glueing together two windows does not make a book, right?

Yes, spaces between the boxes are not perfectly aligned

So how will this work?

To the right you can choose one of the available skill trees. The initial selection will be a list of icons to choose  a tree from. Clicking them will give you a skilltree.

The left side will show all spells you gained from investing skillpoints into this tree.

From there you can pull them into your hotbar.

Last thing for this blog is about mentioning the recent (and first) patreon poll for this week.

After the initial votes it looks like I'll be working on a trade window design soon!

Hope you enjoyed this blog entry and have a great week! :)

Totally unrelated nerdy broccoli hopes you eat your greens.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post