Weekly Blog No. 4

Hey and welcome to the fourth blog post :)

This week university and hot weather took their toll on me.

But nevertheless I managed to work on three things:

A trading window concept

An armour set

Alpha disclaimer text

The armour set

It's supposed to be a mid to high level healer/caster set. 

Art-and-assets working-group member WelshPixie did some refining on it and imported it into the game (thanks for that!).

Tiny but important

As we start to be covered by YouTubers it seemed reasonable to add something saying "This is a pre-alpha, not a finished game! Please don't hate us."

Hopefully it's tiny enough to not block the view too much. (It's at the mid top)

I also removed the wall of text players are presented with when entering the game of the first time.

And finally...

The Trading Window

We were discussing this for over a year already.

We wanted these features:

- A single window to hold all the info needed for trading 

- Mood/Reputation based pricing and offers

- Variable prices with offers the player can make

This is a simple concept of the elements I think we need to achieve that.

So how does this work?

(The fact that I still have to explain this might mean that it needs some improvements...)

Left is the trader's inventory. This is only shown for NPCs. Other players might be able to put items in there to show them to you.

This will be sorted into categories (via tabs):

- All

- Weapons

- Armour

- Food/Potions

- Crafting/Misc.

The player's inventory to the left is sorted in the same way.

Right-Clicking an item in one of these windows will either take it to the "Buy" or "Sell" section of the lower part.

Below that an NPC-trader will always give you a default offer based on their mood/ your reputation. These numbers show how much gold you would gain/lose from this trade.

A trader will always accept their default offer (or a better one).

Giving away items at a better price might increase the trader's mood for a short time.

This offer can be changed by the player and will result in a roll whether your trade is succesful or not. Mood/reputation will be factors taken into account in this calculation.

An unsuccesful trade might lower the trader's mood for a certain amount of time.

Most of this applies for player to NPC trading of course.

Trading with other players will have a slightly different ruleset.

For example you won't be able to see their full inventory or the amount of money they have.

Instead both players might be able to put in offers at the bottom and start a haggling session over the items put "onto the table".

I am still not sure about the four window system. It might look and feel better to just have 2 windows and give selected items differently coloured frames. 

That's it for this week!

Hope you enjoyed this slightly shorter and less visual blog anyway :)

See you next week!

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