Weekly Build Version 0.15
Hey, folks! Going to be releasing the latest weekly build tonight, as per usual. This is a bit of a weird build, because it's the start of a new big chapter, so a lot of things are still too rough/unfinished to release.

I've also made a revision and upgrade to the base-building system for the sake of usability and future-proofing it, so I don't have to do what I did the first time around, which is a lot of new conditional events to check for old decisions.

Lastly, I've fixed a LOT of bugs this week because I want to bring the public & alpha versions into a really stable, well-rounded state and upload it to some new places. There are a handful of sites I've been looking at, but you need a fairly coherent product with enough gameplay. Hopefully soon we can get that public build out to a few new audiences and start bringing in more players!


Version 0.15 - 1/8/2018

  • Added Cove Progression
    • New Boss Fight with 3 different paths
    • Added a lot of new dialogue contextual with previous choices
  • Overhauled the cove upgrade system
    • Changed to a common event for ease of future integration
    • Added every upgrade tier
    • Included all upgrade costs
    • Factored all variable trackers into the common event for convenience
  • Added the new cove departure, and the beginning of a new chapter!
  • Changed Hobart’s coastal dialogue to autorun so you can’t miss him
  • Fixed a tile passability issue by the boathouse
  • Fixed Captain Bell’s auto-battle AI & adjusted Prince of the Deep stats to compensate
  • Fixed a layering issue with beds
  • Adjusted experience gained from giant beetle fight
  • Fixed the Cove Inn room doors so that they close properly upon exiting
  • Fixed dozens of typos and text runoffs
  • Changed Hobart’s name (from the castle plaza) to Jarvis to avoid confusion
  • Fixed a transfer issue to the renovated cavern
  • Fixed the “tuft of fur” item description
  • Fixed Orus’s “Shred” ability to attack the correct amount of targets and show the correct timed attack animation

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