Weekly Build 0.5 Patch Notes!
Hi everyone! It's not a super flashy build today, because there was a lot of bug-fixing and tweaks to pre-existing content, but we're still making good progress! 


Version 0.5 - 10/23/17

  • Added upstairs Inn levels
  • Added Old Salt and higher patron names to credits screen
  • Added Cove Planning Table
    • Choose Next Upgrade (still under construction)
  • Added Captain Bell & Mystery Passenger arrival
  • Added cove departure & second ship ride
  • Added Carvannah Arrival & Gates
  • Changed some sprites/faces to better reflect characters
  • Edited a good deal of dialogue for better/smoother flow
  • Fixed a few tile-passability issues
  • Fixed some tile-layout issues
  • Fixed some more portrait flicker instances
  • Fixed some BGS/BGM continuity issues
  • Fixed alignment of some choice menus

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