Weekly Incantations by the Arcane Scriptomancer...
I've been working for the last several weeks preparing for 1-Click Installs on Roll20. I have 57 scripts in the Roll20 repository (see image), 36 more in various stages of development, and many ideas besides. With that many pieces to manage, it is simply not reasonable to do it by hand. Moving to the new structure has involved rewriting my entire deploy process, but the results have been amazing.

Along the way, I've started revising a few of the older scripts, fixed some long standing bugs and added the new configuration options that are accompanying 1-Click Install scripts (and soon to be rolled out to dev!).

MonsterHitDice v0.3.2 (formerly MonsterHitDice5e, now generally applicable) now rerolls hitpoints on copy/paste and contains more configuration options.

TokenNameNumber v0.5.8 now is more fault tolerant for some circumstances that caused tokens to only be numbered on move.

Ammo v0.3.2 has been cleaned up a small amount (with more coming!).

In the next week, I'll be continuing to update scripts and get configuration options ready.  Definitely check out the 1-Click Installs on the dev server and let me know if something breaks or doesn't work like you'd expect.

Thanks for your continued support!