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Weekly Content Selection #26
- This week I worked on finding, collecting, and analyzing different aspects of my population data projects. I did some calculations for my Canada and United States railway data where I figured out how many urban centres in my data were connected to each railway company's track. I still haven't published this data publicly, but I'm thinking about making an update of my Canadian and American population data article that will include all of this new information and introduce the new interactive Google tables I've begun using. - I've also been working on railway and waterway data for the British Isles. I've been using maps to build this collection and it has been tedious work. At the beginning of this week I only had data available for England but yesterday I finally came across a source of information for Scotland via the National Library of Scotland. While going through university collections I've found a number of interesting maps including this two part 1729 French bird's eye view of Edinburgh: 1: 2: - For my Visualizing Urbanizational Trends article I updated the image of a gilded age Victorian mansion example from Boston since Google recently introduced better imagery for the area. You can see that article here (image also embedded on this post): - In between all of this I've also done some Google Street View virtual exploration of Peru this week. I'm always surprised by the country. It has such a different culture and momentum and I always feel like there's a surprise around every corner. I also enjoy the prevalence of farm animals as can be illustrated in this Google Street View screenshot: - Also, I noticed that somehow I accidentally double posted on September 12th meaning that there were five instead of four paid posts last month. I've refunded all patrons for the fifth post. - As always, I thank you so much for your continued support! It helps me a lot especially mentally!
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