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Weekly Content Selection #183
This week I continued with the BScN nursing program, continued to cycle, and relaxed a little bit during my study week. 

Through all of this, I was able to get out to take some photos of the fall colours. A photo from a recent adventure is included in this post.

Regarding cycling, I've continued to commute by bicycle and go on my usual Friday night social ride. Hopefully I will find some time to do a little more this week since it is the study week. 

Regarding the nursing program, I'm happy to announce that so far my marks have been high. My studying has been paying off. I'm also starting clinical placement next week which I'm excited about.

Recently I've become obsessed with finding clear blue lakes on satellite imagery. I've been using Google Earth to try to find where around the world they are located and why. I'm excited that I've found so many close to where I live. I've found a very strong positive correlation between clear blue lakes and the presence of eskers from the last major glaciation. I believe that they provide plentiful substrate for groundwater seepage. 

I'm also planning on doing some trout fishing next year in Michigan. I've never fished outside of my country before so this should be exciting. I'm using Google Earth to plot out DNR designated trout streams. 

As always, thank you SO much for your continued support! It has meant so much over the years and has helped me greatly!