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Weekly Content Selection #95

This week I continued working on the physical elevation map of my area, leaving my usual population data research projects at the side for now. I grafted in the Elliot Lake insert and stretched the map so that the perspective is natural as can be seen on the left side of the screenshot included in this post. I also touched up any little spots on the map that I might have accidentally not coloured in. I used a colour selection technique and expanded the selection so that the spots that I had missed stood out. Along with this, I also removed all of the tiny lines that I had drawn while putting the map together. 

Since I've completed most of the colouring stage on this map, I decided to work a great deal on the labeling stage this week. I started by creating a layer for creek names and I began to label some of the creeks but soon decided to work on demarcating and labeling the townships instead as can be seen in the screenshot included in this post. On the left is an overall view of the map with the demarcated townships and their names, and on the right is a closeup of how things look. I find that the townships help visually organize this giant map. I'm nearly done demarcating and labeling the townships, I just have the area east of Lake Superior left to work on. Along with the township boundaries, I've also been demarcating municipal and first nation reserve boundaries.

The primary source that I'm using for the township plotting it the government of Ontario's

Land Use Atlas

. As I've been using it over the past week though, I've run into some issues with the site properly loading its content which has slowed my progress a little. During the time that the site wouldn't work properly, I decided to take some geography quizzes to refresh my knowledge of the world.

I plan on eventually releasing the map that I've been working on as a part of my article, "

Algoma's Great Lakes Drainage Basin: Streams and Waterbodies"

, which you can find on my website. Both this map and the article cover the same area. For the eastern and western maps, I might make an article for each.

Along with all of the work that I've been doing on this map lately, I've also been continuing to look for volunteer opportunities in my community and I'm excited to begin doing some work.

As usual, I continued to regularly cycle this week for both exercise and transportation despite the frigid temperatures.

As always, thank you SO much for your continued support! It helps me be able to be who I am and continue to do what I do.