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Weekly Content Selection #110
This week I cycled a lot, during which I took some photos, and I also went on two social group cycling rides. The image included in this post depicts three photos from my cycling adventures this week and one photo of a bicycle from my childhood (dark green) that I put back together. From left to right, top to bottom; from the Goulais River crossing on Highway 552, the childhood bike I put back together, my main bike on a bridge that crosses a stream that feeds Bellevue Creek, the aforementioned stream as seen from the bridge. 

During the week I also continued to settle into my new apartment. I got a houseplant to make things feel brighter and I brought some of my fossil collection to the apartment. I also hung my architectural house drawings on my wall.

Over the week I continued to volunteer at the Sault Area Hospital and I continued to work on applying to volunteer at Algoma Public Health. Along with all of this, I've also been continuing to read job postings and apply.

Along with all of this, I also worked on planting a garden for my father. He enjoys gardening although his health isn't good enough for him to do it himself anymore.

As usual, I also continued to participate in my cognitive behavioural therapy class for anxiety. I feel as though my anxiety has been much better lately. 

This week I was also excited to see that Google Street View imagery was introduced for Kyrgyzstan which I have subsequently been exploring virtually. It is the first of the "-stan" countries to have imagery released by Google. There was also imagery released for a few more cities in Laos.

As always, thank you SO much for your continued support! It has helped me so much over the years and helps me to keep going.