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Weekly Content Selection #11
Hello everyone! This is the eleventh ever "weekly content selection". Just in case you've missed the important update on how I have my Patreon set up: CONTENT SELECTION: -This week I had the 110th episode of my show. It was a fun time with a number of photographers and we talked about projects and life. We ended the show with some live music from Meri Amber. You can watch the recording here: -I also researched a lot of architecture this week and pinned a number of examples to my Georgian Mansions board. I focused on Madison, Indiana, Old Louisville, and the oldest houses in Kentucky. I also pinned a lot from Ohio. Below I'll list the boards I added the most to. -Georgian Mansions: -Victorian Buildings: -Victorian Mansions: -Georgian Buildings: -Victorian Houses: I've also added some to other boards buts it's difficult to keep track of. -I've also begun work on a waterways of North America map. I'm new to using Google Maps for such a project and I've been obsessively detailing all of the navigable waterways in Canada and the USA. I've never seen a comprehensive map of all of the waterways on the continent so I'm excited about this project. So far I've gotten most of the Great Lakes covered, the New York State Barge System, the Illinois Waterway, the Ohio River watershed including the Tombigbee Waterway all the way down to Mobile, Alabama. I foresee the project taking quite some time but I hope to start sharing some parts of it soon! As always, I can never thank you enough for your support! It helps me in many ways!
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