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Weekly Content Selection #117
This week I continued work at my new job and continued to regularly cycle going on one long adventure ride during which I took a number of photos which can be seen in the collage included in this post. 

I'm happy that my new job gives me an opportunity to utilize my photography. I'm responsible for helping spread awareness regarding initiatives undertaken to help preserve and remediate the St. Marys River and what better way to communicate than through photos? 

Regarding the photos that I took on my adventure over the past week, you can find them here on

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The week's weekly content selection is a day later than normal since Friday happened to be Canada Day, a day which I had off of work so I utilized it to go on another cycling adventure. I will be posting the photos from it soon!

As always, thank you SO much for your continued support! It has meant so much over the years and has helped me greatly!