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Weekly Content Selection #144
This week I continued to work on my local mountain bike trail map, volunteer, and continue to participate in my hospice palliative care course. 

The screenshot included in this post is of a small section of my local mountain bike trail map of Hiawatha Highlands and area, one of the premiere mountain bike locations near where I live. Over the past week I added skidder trails, water updates, waterfall locations and names, dams, bridges, names, boundaries, business, and parking locations. On the map you can see some of the boundaries added, the ski trail names, the mountain bike trail names, some of the parking spots, and Crystal Falls and Minehaha Falls both identified by symbols and named, among numerous other additions to the map. 

Regarding my hospice palliative care course, I've continued to attend classes, read the textbook, complete the modules, and I'm making plans to complete the assignments over the next two weeks. I'm finding this course to be beneficial both professionally as someone who's looking into working in a healthcare setting, and personally since I believe that being more empathetic and understanding of others would greatly help me interpersonally. 

I've also continued to volunteer at the hospital and I'm being trained to work the information desk tomorrow. I'm trying on some different roles to help give myself a greater variety of experiences. I'm also interested in volunteering in surgical services doing some clerical work. That will likely be next. 

Over the past week I continued to cycle, but only for commuting purposes since it has been too cold and snowy to really enjoy any longer rides. 

I've also been spending a good deal of time working on my resume and reviewing job postings. I've been finding it to be difficult to find a job in my area of education, chemistry and biology. 

Over the past week I also put together a set of Google Street View scenes to compare urban living across the world. It was just a little thing I decided to do one afternoon. You can find the set here on Facebook

Regarding an older side project of mine where I was compiling lists of places that I find to be interesting from around the world, I decided to review it over the past week and add a new attribute to the list, a contemporary assessment of how I feel regarding a place. It is interesting to see if I still find the same places interesting or beautiful that I have found to be so in the past. I also hope to be able to finally publish something that will appeal to some people, likely to those who enjoy older architecture and history. 

 As always, thank you SO much for your continued support! It has meant so much over the years and has helped me greatly!