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Weekly Content Selection #19
- This week I had the final regularly scheduled episode of my show. It was a fun time and we talked about a number of things including mental health. I believe that I'll likely still do shows in the future but I'm allowing myself the freedom to do them only when I'd like to put one together. I've been most focused on my population data and architecture article projects and I want to continue to dedicate my time to them without worrying about upcoming shows. This greatly helps reduce my anxiety. Here's a link to the recording which is also embedded on this post: - Speaking of articles, I'm still working on the one I mentioned last week. It's quite a big one and it examines population and architecture in the "developed English speaking world" (I define what I mean by that in the article) before the year 1900/1901. I'm really excited about it! I'm hoping I'll have it complete some time next week assuming I maintain focus on it. It includes many images, charts, and tables. - I've also stumbled upon an immense amount of Canadian population data that I've been collecting and organizing into spreadsheets for future articles. I'm hoping that I'll be able to at the very least collect for and put together accurate and comprehensive lists of the 100 most populated urban centres per decennial census since 1870. As always, thank you SO much for your support! It means a lot to me mentally that there are people who support me and my work and continue to do so.