Weekly email. Get it in ya...
Sailing tomorrow, so I've gotta be brief. I've still got 2 knots to learn, although my bowline and round turn with two half hitches are both getting better. I uploaded a bunch of stuff yesterday, a couple of demos, some work notes etc, but there's still so much more to put up, half finished objects of innerest, live footage, you name it, it's a-coming. A psychedelic music video too! And some kind of surreal supermarket Cinema Verite ordeal. This month's EP is the one that really should have been called 'Mysteries At Sea', 'cause I'll be recording the whole thing whilst sailing from Liverpool to Belfast. In the spare moments in between tasting the sea breeze and stuff. I woke up this morning and realised that the sturdy metal box next to my head was marked with an ominous 'DANGER - military grade explosives'. It's the black powder, of course. Duh. We'll be shooting cannons and stuff at the Irish boat festivals we go to, and dressing up like pirates and going 'arr', et cetera. Should be good for the music! I'll leave you with that thought. Keep listening and telling people what's going on! See you all next week, FJ
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