Hey y'all with so much abundance on Turkey Day, what do you think will happen? ROBBERY OF COURSE. ROBBERY BY BANDITS. 


Here for the first time is a little rule plug in for a hack of Dungeon World where you play as desperate Goblin Banditos!

Attached is the light PDF to generate a Goblin Bandito Character for your posse. I'm working on a larger version on it for the future.

But on another note, I just wanted to thank you for your patience. The last weeks have been hectic and there's been some life changing stuff in the works that I'll tell you guys about soon! So thanks for sticking around.

And I also wanted to say on this titualr day, that I'm thankful for you. For all my patrons who have helped support me for these 3 years since I started. Everyone, from every patron level, new and old, who are currently still supporting me, and who have. I personally know how tough this year has been, especially with money, so everytime I get a notification that patron money has been deposited in my account I always get choked up a bit. Because you have placed value in me, because strangers out there have found my stuff and decided they would like to see more- see more and be willing to pay me for it. That i'm worth your hard earned money, and your time.

Thank you.

I'm thankful for that, for you, and for having this opportunity and platform to keep exploring what I can do with my art and my ideas.

Thank you you guys, and have a great day feasting!

Gobble gobble.


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