Weekly Honey Digest
Hello folks! This week I'll start doing some weekly updates about the status of the game here on Patreon as well. It'll be nothing new to those who follow regularly on tumblr, but might be of interest to those who only follow the Patreon or just stumble upon this, and help show the general progress of the game. To recap the current situation : -the first fighting prototype is done and has been tested. Plenty of feedback to adress, bug to fixes and improvements to make, but it's a great first step. Work is now focused tightly on the visual novel segments. The general plan of action is to make the assets for the VN (mainly, the backgrounds), script a good portion of the events while working in parallel on some soon-to-be-announced projects, and get back to animation for the other characters in a few months to add content to the fighting segments. So, this week, we had : -two new backgrounds for the visual novel segments, namely the University Campus, and the Classroom. -dynamic visual elements : panning backgrounds, place name card, redone text box/choice buttons and fading text. -finally, the big choice system is in place, allowing for dialog choices and action choices - the best thing being that those systems are generic, I can call them during any event and simply retarget what each choice is labeled/does, and not have to rescript the whole choice every time (well, of course it works like that, you might say, but I thought it'd be way more time consuming than it proved to be!) Next week will be a bit of a test, as I should start working on other projects in parallel, so this is as good a time as any to start trying things out here, and see how the weekly updates hold up! Don't hesitate to comment about this weekly news recap, and for more news, there's always http://pehesse.tumblr.com/ See you next week for more Honey news!
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