Weekly Links 3.17.19

A weekly update of content from around the web including modern takes on the ancient world, material related to this past week’s articles, and a look at what our editorial staff is reading.

This week: 

Feeling depressed about the current state of the field? Give money to the Sportula! They’re having a book auction fundraiser, so you can buy more books without feeling guilty.

How the far right perverts ancient history, and why it matters.

Caesar’s assassination: the all-hands meeting.

AJP and AHR: decolonizing and diversifying.

The future of Classics from “below.”

The real college admissions problem: white mediocrity.

Johanna Hanink’s translation of “Untimely Love.”

A thread from Hestia on ableism in academia.

A Nile shipwreck discovery proves Herodotus right after 2,469 years.

Donna Zuckerberg: It's 2050, and this is how we stopped climate change; the plot description of this Britney Spears musical is bonkers; Tressie McMillan Cottom has the best take on the college scam, and it's about the Hallmark channel (subscribers only); we are all part of "the great cosmic cheesing"; a deep dive into The Rock's instagram; Grace Lavery delightfully interviews Madeleine Holden, of the late lamented Critique My Dick Pic; "Goodbye, face," an oral history of my favorite/most horrifying scene in Game of Thrones

Sarah Scullin: This article on how Inuit parents teach kids to control their anger suggests that stop one should be parents showing zero signs of annoyance or anger;  who is "the lady with the alligator purse" and why does it matter?; the US is and has always been an empire, shaped irrevocably by racism; caveman rejection letters.

Yung In Chae: An inquiry into why men aren’t funny, meet the Jewish cartoonist whose cartoon of Meghan McCain led her to accuse him of anti-Semitism, Elizabeth Holmes’ fake deep voice, when a writer can’t afford a room of their own, a great interview with your favorite yeller, Samuel L. Jackson, scathing reviews of classic books. 

Tori Lee: Squirrels are ravaging New England’s maple syrup production; this man got owned in the NYTimes comment section by his own wife; this man inadvertently proved that all hipsters look alike by mistaking a photo as himself; the phenomenon of Bicycle Seat Face; do high heels convey authority, oppression, frivolity, sex, or all of the above?

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