A Weekly Model

Hey everyone,

I know I could have communicated this a little better when I was setting up the pledges for July so I hope I can clear some of that up for this month. But if you have /any/ questions, please don't be shy, I'm always just a post away.

So I've been kicking around this idea for some time, but I've hesitated putting it into action because of some real life stuff, but I wanted to put into action something that'll ensure you get more content in a given month and I produce more, so we'll both make out :)

The idea is to move to a weekly model where I'll produce at least three pieces of content in a given week. If I don't produce those three pieces, I won't charge for that week. Now, if I get sick or something we can talk about it before the end of the week and see how you all feel about it, but I really want you to feel as though you're getting the most for your money and as the producer, I have even more incentive to get things out rapidly. The postings will occur throughout the week and I'll put in for the charged piece with the third entry, anything I produce after that will be free, of course.

So long as quality doesn't suffer, I think this'll work out great for everyone involved, but if you're unsure or you don't like it, please let me know and we can address those concerns.

Like I said, I'm here and just a post away, so don't be shy.

Thank you so much for your support, as always, and I sincerely hope to talk to you soon!

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per week.
Pledge $0.01 or more per week.
Patrons Only
Pledge $1 or more per week.
0 patrons
You'll get your name in the acknowledgements in future pieces of fiction, and my personal thanks in addition to getting all my first and second draft material before it comes out to the general public.
Pledge $5 or more per week.
4 patrons
If you pledge $5.00 you'll get the same unlimited access to early versions of my work and revisions, but you'll also get the finalized e-book when it's released. Your name will also appear in the acknowledgements and my personal thanks.
Pledge $10 or more per week.
1 patron
If you're feeling really brazen and decide to pledge 10.00 or more, you'll get everything in the previous pledge tiers as well as a specific honorable mention on my website. If you yourself are a content creator, I'd be happy to promote your work as well!
Pledge $20 or more per week.
1 patron
Everything in previous tiers; early access to my work, honorable mention (with links to your work) on my site and my deepest thanks, of course. I'll also write a special commission for you (up to 5k words) every month and when I get a mailing address, I'll send you a print version of any one of my novels (your choice) every month as a special thank you.
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