Weekly Patreon Update : 03/02/2017
Another week, another update, a few things have happened this week, lets go over them.

Patreon Exclusive Minigme : Fishing For Followers

I've put in a bit more time in to fishing for followers, mainly sorting out the twitter integration. The fish in the game represent tweets from you guys who give me money! I need to do the fish behavior, and the fishing rod logic, wrap it in a minimalist UI, then we're pretty much done. Planning to get it finished in the next friday dev stream, so look forward to that.

This weeks stream is archived here. 

Cyglide Progress

As outlined last week, the "detail" objects, things like trees and animals, were all too random, so upon leaving an area, and re-entering, the layout would be different,  and the spawn system had issues . Now the spawner has been made deterministic, and optimised, it required a rewrite of a few fundimental systems, but it's working really well, patreons get a peek before anyone else in a seporate post. The last big technical undertaking will be the mission generator, I'll begin work on that next week, I'm expecting it to take 3-4 weeks at least. More next week.

Patreon refocus

As outlined earlier this week, I've modified some of the tiers, and added a 3D modelling tier. I want to focus on delivering you guys a complete Unity project with code and assets you can use and learn from, so expect a whole buncha cool things when Fishing for Followers hits, next week (hopefully).

More details in this post.

As usual, thanks to my Patreons for being awesome. 

At some point next week I'd like to do a post about my favorite Patreon creators, so look forward  to that.

Till next week friends