Weekly reading commencing 1/4/2016
Happy New Year!! 

First, my apologies for not posting last weeks reading.  It completely slipped my mind and I blame it all on the holidays.  As Bob Cratchet would say, "I was making rather merry.  It shant be repeated."  At any rate, this is your weekly reading for week commencing 1/4/2016.  I can tell you without even looking at that cards that this will be quite a week.  I know from personal experience that January is coming in with a bang and depending on where your sign falls in the charts determines the kind of bang you will receive.  Regardless, remember that it is all in how we respond to situations that determines the course of future events.

We also have a mercury retrograde that begins officially on 1/5 until 1/25. Remember that MR has shadow periods before and after the retrograde, so you may be feeling niggly issues right now.  I am.  I had complete cable, phone and internet outage this morning and wondered if I would even be able to post this reading today.  Luckily, everything is back up...for now.  As with all retrogrades, take things slow, be mindful of how you communicate (in all forms), be prepared for delays (mail and transportation) and don't purchase big ticket items or sign major deals until after the transit (if you can help it).  If you must, just make certain that you read all fine print.  

On to the reading....

You may find yourself in the midst of a project or current endeavor and you wonder how it will fair for you.  Be assured that if you work from a place of soul, all light will shine for you and what you achieve will not only resonate with your heart, but will also be of service to others as a whole.  Perhaps even on a larger scale.  As you are receiving the benefits of a job well done, focus on what it is and why you are creating what you are verses the perks that you may receive.  Do not let the kudos feed the ego.  What ever your purpose, stay true to the path and do not become distracted along the way.

If this message does not apply to you, perhaps the next will.  You are receiving a message that you are loved from a very caring Universe.  It is sometimes easy to forget this, but know that the powers that be are always listening and you are being heard.  It is easy to become swept up in habit, daily routines and stress.  Please take time to stop and breathe.  Doing so will help you hear the messages from the Universe that you need.

 It is so easy in today's society to want everything immediately, after all, we receive so much at the push of a button.  Remember, that everything happens for a reason, and sometimes, we must relinquish our control in order for what we need to flow freely.  Sometimes, we must just surrender and trust that all will be provided for in perfect Divine timing.  Allow for flow.  Free up your mind, your space, and your energy.  Clear your thoughts of clutter.  Stop trying to force things to happen and know that what will happen will be for your highest good.  Always!!

Brightest blessings for a beautiful New Year!!

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